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Financial Planning for Pre-Retirees

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Planning on Retiring in 5-10 years?

These are some of the common questions our clients have when they come to see us here at Abound Financial and Lifestyle Planning.

Peter White

Peter White BBus(Eco&Fin), ADFP is a Financial Adviser who enjoys coaching busy professionals by keeping them accountable to achieving their goals and putting in place a plan for their retirement years.

In the past, retiring was commonly viewed as the ‘final’ day of your working life before embarking on the huge transition from full time work to being at home each and every day. It was also common to see a retirement that aligned with eligibility for the Age Pension (currently set at age 65 before moving to age 67 by year 2023 and age 70 by 2035!).

However, what we see today is vastly different with many of our clients wanting to:

We help our clients who are between 5 and 10 years away from retirement to design their desired retirement lifestyle within the parameters of their current position. This clarity allows a person to understand how they are tracking towards their retirement goals and in turn can allow for decisions on how to best make the transition to a fulfilling retirement.

So when is the right time for you? Could you actually afford to retire today?

Here at Abound Financial and Lifestyle Planning, we will not only help you gain peace of mind moving into your retirement years, but believe it can be an exciting phase of your life, an opening of a new chapter to be fulfilled with a lifestyle that you desire.

Some of our clients discover that they could retire today whilst others may get the motivation they need to focus on building more funds for their retirement. Regardless of which situation you may be in, it’s always better to find out sooner than later so if you do need to make some changes, you give yourself the best chance to do it now.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS):

Many clients who come to us know they are not ready to retire and may continue working up to 70 years of age. Conversely, many professional in their 50’s do not know how much they will need or should have in their super account to retire early i.e. Will I need to downsize my home during retirement? Can I afford my dream retirement holiday to Europe?

If the above questions are familiar to you or you would simply like to know how your retirement is tracking, we would like to invite you in for an initial financial planning meeting and discussion. We will educate you on the basics of financial planning so you understand and can start making informed choices in regards to your retirement.

To book an appointment with Peter White simply call or email us today!