Financial Planning for Busy Professionals

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Being in your 40’s, you’re often focused on your career, supporting a young family and paying off a mortgage. Retirement can seem a long way off and it can feel like you still have plenty of time to work hard and build upon your assets.

However the Chinese Proverb may also come to mind from time to time:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

The same can go for investing your money and it can be much easier to start than you think.

Peter White

Peter White CFP®, BBus(Eco&Fin) is a Financial Adviser who enjoys coaching busy professionals by keeping them accountable to achieving their goals and putting in place a plan for their working and retirement years.

Many busy professionals don’t think they have enough money to commence seeing a financial adviser or that having a financial adviser would be a costly luxury.

When quite the opposite can be the reality.

Peter’s busy professional clients can end up saving more money each year and are much better off financially from investing in their own financial adviser and financial accountability coach, than those who don’t seek out expert advice, guidance or fail to do it properly on their own.

The best thing for busy professionals is that you can start with the following easy steps:

Did you know that according to the Australian Psychological Societies ‘Stress and well-being survey’, financial issues remain the leading cause of stress amongst Australians?[i] If you’re one of the many busy professional Australian’s who places health and well-being as a high priority in your life, you may be engaging in one or more of the following activities:

The investment in just a Personal Trainer alone once a week, over a 12 month period can add up to approximately $3,640 ($70 per week), natural therapists once a month to $960 ($80 per session) and fortnightly massages to $2,080 ($80 per fortnight). This comes to an overall an investment of approximately $6,680 p.a.[ii]  

Considering that financial issues are the leading cause of stress among Australian’s how much is your financial situation impacting your stress, relationship and health and well-being?

The average investment in the first year to set up your financial plan can range between $2,500 and $3,500 depending on the complexity of your financial situation. Less than investing in a personal trainer!

Besides comparing costs, the amount of money you could save from receiving expert advice can also be far greater than the cost of not having one.

Australians who engaged in healthy lifestyle behaviours reported significantly lower levels of depression and anxiety than those who were not engaged with these behaviours[iii] furthermore, four in five Australians rated their use of stress management strategies as moderately to highly effective.[iv]

If so, get in touch with Peter White today, and let him help you reduce your stress and increase your well-being by helping you better manage your finances.

Peter helps his clients who are in their 40’s and those also in their 50’s and pre-retirement years to design their desired lifestyle and retirement within the parameters of their current position. This clarity allows a person to understand how they are tracking towards their current lifestyle and retirement goals and in turn can allow for decisions on how to best make the transition to a fulfilling retirement.

“I love helping my clients by showing them how easy it is to get started with their very own financial plan to set them up for their future.” Peter White

The team at Abound Financial and Lifestyle Planning, will not only help you gain peace of mind and reduce stress around money, but they believe managing your money and planning for your retirement can be an exciting journey in life while being fulfilled by a lifestyle that you desire.

If the above questions are familiar to you or you would simply like to know how you can better manage your money and set yourself up for retirement, we would like to invite you in for an initial financial planning meeting and discussion. We will educate you on the basics of financial planning so you understand and can start making informed choices in regards to your unique situation today.

We have offices in Ascot Vale and Melbourne CBD.

If you would like to book an appointment with Peter in Ascot Vale or Melbourne CBD, or one of our advisers in other areas, simply call or email us today!